Facial Treatments

Looking for facial treatments in Los Angeles, CA? Look no further than On the Go Glam Squad. Our facial care services include microdermabrasions, peels, helping clients create a skin care regimen, acne facial treatments, skin renewal treatments, anti-aging facial treatments, and more. All of our services focus on helping you to renew your skin and reduce acne.

Understanding the Essentials of Good Skin Care

  1. Realizing that your skin is your armor and shield from harmful elements is the first step toward taking care of your skin. We always tell our clients that they are never too young or old to develop good skin care habits. With the right applications, a person’s skin texture can change, virtually, overnight.
  2. Taking care of your skin means keeping it safe from damage. The sun, wind, air pollutants, and the natural progression of aging can take its toll. Common skin complaints include dryness, itchy skin, sagging, changes in skin color, and unsightly age spots.
  3. Create an effective exercise regimen. Just keep in mind that exercising is a mute attempt without the proper diet. Eating healthy can help ensure that your skin receives all the minerals, vitamins, and healthy nutrients that it needs to repair its cells.
  4. Drink purified water. It remains a fact that people simply do not drink enough water. Water helps keep skin hydrated while removing harmful waste from the system. Water also helps to shuttle healthy nutrients throughout the body.Protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Unprotected skin is prone to wrinkles, age spots, and even cancer.

When you are ready for a soothing, results-oriented experience, On the Go Glam Squad offers the perfect skin care and treatment solutions. Set an appointment and learn how we can help your skin to become young and beautiful looking again.

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